Beyond Animal

June 24 - July 25, 2022

Barbara Durzan has created a menagerie of elaborately beaded 'trophy' heads.  She begins in clay and meticulously creates a beautiful 'coat' made of colorful beads, sea glass, seed pods, shells or other 'treasures' collected from her nature walks. These objects make their way to her studio and then become part of her art as a reflection of her impressions of the world she experiences, and the paths she travels. Durzan explains that "The world of nature excites and enchants me. Both flora and fauna invite me to study their forms and behaviors, but animals are the vehicles through which I share these passions. My goal is to captivate the viewer with the gestures and expressions that make each subject seem to be unique while at the same time representing their species as a whole.

She covers the sculpted animal heads in mosaic-like patterns using beads and found objects  which are pressed into the clay. Their surfaces are an outlet for her love of color and organic shapes, and she often adds sculptured branches, birds and more to each exotic creature.




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